Prices are not final on website. Panic buying is not allowed. Kindly contact us on whatsapp. if phone is not reachable.
Prices are not final on website. Panic buying is not allowed. Kindly contact us on whatsapp. if phone is not reachable.

Mobile Cables and Charger

Mobile Cables Price in Pakistan

Mobile cables are just like a wire, works for different purposes like charging, and transferring documents from a mobile to your laptop. It is functional that, became our need every day. It is a portable wire and you carry it anywhere you would like. Mobile cables have many types, these cables or ports used in your smartphones or tablet will be either micro-USB or USB –C is on one end, and USB-A on another end, this makes the work easier. If your mobile battery is dead and you need a mobile phone and you have no mobile charger you can use your laptop to charge your mobile phone by just plugging the cable into the USB port in the laptop cable section while working. Buy the best quality mobile phone cables all over Pakistan at Explore, Get the latest mobile phone cables at an affordable price in Pakistan.

Buy Mobile Cables in Pakistan

Mobile phone cables have become a daily use product in life. It is not only used as a charge, but it also gives you an easy way to transfer your data from one computer to another. A Mobile phone cable is just like a wire one side is USB port shaped and the other one is an android or type-c or iPhone port. Find the best prices for mobile cables all over Pakistan at Online shopping is popular nowadays, you can also order mobile phone cables at

Mobile Charger Price in Pakistan

Mobile phones become a need of everyday life. Nowadays people use a mobile phone while working, traveling, watching movies, and playing games, their whole work depends on mobile phones. It’s true mobile phone helps to connect you with people who are near to your heart, from anywhere you go, youngsters play games on mobile and enjoy them. This spectacular device has become essential for lifestyle. During all these activities mobile batteries become low at specific times and then you need a quality, high-speed, ultra mobile charger that within a few seconds charges your phone and you continue your work. People can buy mobile phone chargers whatever their rate. Tankitapa offers you a high-voltage ultra charger at a reasonable price.

Buy Mobile Phone Chargers Online

The best mobile charger depends on its speed capability. As a general rule, a charger has to be a minimum of 18 watts from a single port to deliver fast charging. A quicker charger cable has larger internal wires (mostly 24 gauge) which will carry a larger current of 2A or additional. The things you need to check before purchasing a mobile charger are having good quality, having a Micro USB and USB TYPE-C connector, having good length, and also having to check a mobile phone charger working properly like current passing out and output voltage. The charger contains a plug to insert the socket properly. Explore, Get the latest mobile phone chargers at an affordable price in Pakistan.

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