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Prices are not final on website. Panic buying is not allowed. Kindly contact us on whatsapp. if phone is not reachable.
Atlas Honda Oil SAE 20W-50 Genuine Motor Cycle Engine Oil 700ml
Atlas Honda Oil SAE 20W-50 Genuine Motor Cycle Engine Oil 700ml
Atlas Honda Oil SAE 20W-50 Genuine Motor Cycle Engine Oil 700ml

Atlas Honda Oil SAE 20W-50 Genuine Motor Cycle Engine Oil 700ml

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  • Best atlas honda oil for Honda CD 70 bikes
  • OEM Quality Engine Oil 20W50
  • Quanity 700ml
  • Oil change around (1200km - 1500km)


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Atlas Honda Engine Oil SAE 20W-50 Genuine Atlas Honda Oil Price In Pakistan

Atlas Honda Best Engine Oil For Honda CD 70 Genuine Engine Oil optimal engine performance 20W30, 20W40, 20W50 is specially designed as per OEM Specifications. It ensures the optimun bike's performance, high quality engine cleaning, clutch, gear, engine cooling, and quality lubrication as prescribed by OEM specification. Best working condition for all kind of weather in Pakistan.

At high atmospheric temperature areas recommended grade of atlas honda engine oil 20W-40 / atlas honda engine oil 20W-50.

  • Best atlas honda oil for Honda CD 70 bikes
  • OEM Quality Engine Oil 20W50
  • Quanity: 700ml
  • Oil change around : 1200km - 1500km
  • Cools, Cleans, Lubricates Engine
  • Optimal Engine Performance

 A smart bike can make sure that smart engine oil is being used in its engine, as a result of superior oil will not only increase the efficiency of your bike and also increase the overall performance, however, will act as a cooling agent, lubricant, and anti-rust agent.


The first basic factor each rider has to understand is the kind of engine oil that they're using or planning to use. once it comes all the way down to the materials of engine oils, there are only 3 basic types, Mineral Oils (MO), Semi-Synthetic Oils (SS) and Fully Synthetic Oils (FS)

1) Mineral Oils (MO)

Mineral oils are primarily a product or by-product of petroleum processing. primarily the foremost basic kind of engine oil, it's extremely suggested for smaller capacity engines that don't impose loads of mechanical pressure whereas running. Most manufacturers will recommend new bike owners to use mineral oils as they provide sensible engine protection for the primary few kilometers of running the engine.
The mineral oils are terribly cheap and will not hurt your wallet for frequent oil changes. make sure to replace the oil at suggested intervals. Even with frequent oil changes.

2) Semi-Synthetic Oils (SS)

The semi-synthetic oil may be a mixture between mineral oils and synthetic oils. Manufacturers have taken the simplest of each world, the high level of protection from mineral oils and high-performance aspects from synthetic oils.If you’re running smaller capability bikes upwards to 250cc that produce a healthy horsepower however still don't seem to be anesthetized with tons of stress (like normal daily commutes to work), the semi-synthetic oil is the right selection for you. you'll conjointly hear recommendations to change to semi-synthetic oil after the bike has been run in using mineral oil.

Generally, all small-capacity motorcycles will use this specific type however but it will cost quite more than the normal mineral oil. If you’re using small mopeds below 150cc, oil is quite enough for the engine to run with efficiency

3) Fully Synthetic Oil (FS)

The fully synthetic oils are considered the simplest of the best oil. created out of pure polymers supported by manufactured oils, it's the precise opposite of mineral oil (you will say it's artificial and not created mistreatment of any natural products). the simplest example of once to use this kind of oil is for superior motorcycles that are constantly put under a lot of stress. Superbikes and race machines are prime examples of machinery that need the assistance of totally fully synthetic oils.

The main advantage of fully synthetics oils is that they won’t degrade in terms of quality as they need to be created to possess a really long life cycle. They won’t break down as quickly as mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils. They additionally offer the best lubricating performance that won’t break stress (providing that the correct grade of oil is used). Some manufacturers would additionally state that their particular fully synthetic oil can increase performance.


Most of the users rely on mechanics and workshops to advise on what would be the most effective engine oil for our bikes. Looking at so many different brands with all those numbers and letters is overwhelming for a few like 5W40, 10W40, 20W40, 20W50 then on. So, lets break it down on the items you wish to understand concerning engine oil grades.

When looking at the engine oil grade, simply concentrate to the number before and after the letter ‘W’. The numbers are referred to as Multigrade. The letter ‘W’ stands for ‘Winter’ and the number that is stated before the letter represents the lowest performing temperature for the particular oil (NOTE: The temperature refers to OUTSIDE temperatures, not the engine).

Let’s use the grade 10W40 as an example. the number 10 represents lowest point of temperature that the oil can hold its viscosity. The lowest operating temperature for this grade is typically -25°C. If you’re settled in place where the outside surface temperature is below the grade, it won’t be viscous enough to supply comfortable lubrication once the engine is started or running.

Now, the number 40 which is located after the letter ‘W’ represents the quality of the oil performance in higher temperatures. alternative factors like high engine revs, engine cooling system and close temperatures play a job further. So, the 40 means the oil can hold its form and viscosity within the 40°C range.

If the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the oil can begin to thin and lose its viscosity. When this happens, the oil can begin to interrupt down and won’t give comfortable lubrication to the engine

So there, different manufacturers have different formulations using multiple additives that come with a variety of claims. Just keep it simple and perceive the fundamentals and you’ll be simply fine. Knowing these basic criteria can provide you with a peace of mind and happy motorbikes.

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