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Prices are not final on website. Panic buying is not allowed. Kindly contact us on whatsapp. if phone is not reachable.
Chain Sprocket Kit Honda Genuine CD70
Chain Sprocket Kit Honda Genuine CD70
Chain Sprocket Kit Honda Genuine CD70
Chain Sprocket Kit Honda Genuine CD70

Chain Sprocket Kit Honda Genuine CD70

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  • Honda Genuine Racing Chain Professional Kit
  • Model: CD70
  • Chain Drive: 420AD / 104RB
  • Sprocket: 14T / 41T
  • Chain – Rear Sprocket – Front Sprocket
  • Advanced heat treated light weight plate achieve heavier strength than standard
  • Superior wear resistance by suntek flat solid bush
  • Advanced Durabillity


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Professional Chain Sprocket Kit Genuine CD70 Atlas Honda Chain Sprocket Price In Pakistan

Drive chain is an important part for motorcycle driving. To ensure safe drive, you are kindly requested to pursue and observe your motorcycle manual and the following instructions.

Chain Kit Handling Instructions

Honda Genuine Motorcycia Chaln Use and Care Manual:

The drive chain is an important and safety critical part of a motorcycle. To ensure the safe use of your motorcycle drive chain, please read the users manual and the following maintenanco Instructions.


  1. Be sure to confirm with your honda chain distributor or local dealer that the chain being used is correct type for your application. Improper selection and use of honda motorcycle drive chain may result in serious damage to the motorcycle or bodily harm.
  2. Cut the old chain at its connecting link. In the case of endless or riveted connecting link use the honda chain cutter or elmilar cutting tool.
  3. Connect the new chain to the end of the old chain, using a new connecting link. Feed the now chain by turning the rear wheel, remove old chain once the new chaln comes into position.
  4. When replacing a chain, connect both ends of the new chain with a new connecting link. For a clip type connecting link, the open end of the clip must be set opposite of the chain drive direction.
  5. Follow manufacturers manual for chain adjustment procedure. Standard chain sag is 20-25mm.


Cleaning and lubrication:

Externally lubricate the chain every 500k (300 miles ) to prevent surface rust and ensure optimal performance. Clean the chain with kerosene dry sufficiently before lubricating the chain. Do not use steam, thinner, similar volatile solvents such as gasoline or benzine

Replacement Interval:

Scratches, rust, or sufitness may cause the chain to mak If there is excessive elongation or abnormal noise during use, please replace the chain and sprokets at the same time.

Battery Acid / Icing Preventative:

If bettery acid comes in contact with the chain, the resulting reaction can cause chein breakage, therefore please replace exting chaln with new chain. Be sure to clean chain thoroughly after chain has come in contact with selt or any other icing preventative such as sodium chlorida.


Honda motorcycle chains undergo many quanty controls during manufacturing Except faulty materials and workmanship, the following are excluded from our responsibility: normal wear, incorrect ntment, poor maintenance, any alteration of the motorcycle, or racing use.



Be sure to check whether this Sprocket appropriate for your motorcycle. Improper colection and use may cause serious damage or Injury.

Fix sprocket according with the Instruction manual of your motorcycle. Use specified bolts and nuts and fasten them properly with the specified torque. Do not use any tool other than these specified in your motorcycle manual.


  1. Sprocket is a consumable part. When the wear como close to permissible limit or if there is any damage that gives bed effects to your safe driving, pleasoreplace.sprocket andchainat thesame time.
  2. Quality of chain affects the performance of sprocket. Check quality of you chain when you replace sprocket Chain of low quality may cause to shorten the itfe span of sprocket extremely honda Motorcycle chans always recommended.


Chain kits undergo many quality controls during manufacture. Except faulty materials and workmanship, the followings are excluded from our responsibility, normal wear, incorrect fitting, poor maintenance, and alteration of a motorcycle racing use.

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